Top 10 Cities to Visit in 2018

Top 10 Cities to Visit in 2018

While I was checking flights last weekend for Cyber Monday sales, I got a bit of a travel bug and the desire to pack up my suitcase and go exploring! There are a million places I want to see in the coming year, and with limited vacation time I’m going to have to choose strategically.

Based on Lonely Planet – the largest travel guide book publisher in the world, what I did find was Lonely Planet’s top cities for 2018 which is a good start to coming up with a travel list. Annual year, Lonely Planet editors gather nominations from hundreds of contributors around the world and select 10 cities, regions, countries and value destinations to recommend for its. When I first started traveling, Lonely Planet was my bible—it told me everything I needed to know about where I was going, and gave me the breakdown on pricing costs, cultural information, and helped with itinerary planning. I still make sure I have a Lonely Planet anytime I leave for a trip, and refer to it often when I’m exploring new places.

Here’s the top ten list of cities for 2018:  

The city that surprised me the most is Detroit, but I have a lot of friends who have been spending time in the city.

Two friends just moved there last year, and they love it so much they’ve decided to stay and buy a house. I haven’t heard a bad thing about the city yet, so of the top ten list I think Detroit will be the most feasible for a weekend trip to go exploring. If I can manage a trip before the snow hits, I’ll try to sneak it in! Otherwise, my friends tell me I might want to wait in until April or May if I want to be impressed and have some more things to do while I’m there.

The other city on the list that I can vouch for is San Juan, Puerto Rico. I’ve been there and I loved every minute of it.

It will be interesting to see if the city can bounce back quickly from the recent hurricane destruction, and any money from tourism will be welcome—and for those who want to give back and help out while you’re on vacation, “voluntourism” efforts are available, allowing you to volunteer to help rebuild the city, interact with local community members and still spend some time on the beach. The peak tourist season for Puerto Rico is mid-November to April, so if you’re interested in heading to San Juan, the city is working to rebuild so that it doesn’t get financially affected (as much) by a low tourism season.

What about you? What city on the list would be your first choice?


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