Lake Tahoe: First-time Skier – My unforgettable memory

Lake Tahoe: First-time Skier – My unforgettable memory

As I mentioned in my last post that I would spend my last weekend at Lake Tahoe for skiing. The trip to Lake Tahoe was wonderful that I wish I could have stayed longer. We rent a house for nine people that cost us $699 for two nights at the South Lake Tahoe. This house was too close to Heavenly Ski Resort since we planned to go skiing there. However, we change the place to Boreal Mountain Californian Resort since the price is cheaper than Heavenly.

1-day Lift ticket + rental at Heavenly costs us about $200 while Boreal charged us about $109 that included an all-access ticket for 1-day Lift ticket + rental + basic training for the First-time skier. I recommend you should take the training if this is the first time you go skiing. Since Boreal locates at the North Lake Tahoe, it took us 1 hour from our rental house to Boreal Resort. It was worth pointing out that there are a lot of magnificent vista point such as Emerald Bay that you can take a lot of beautiful photos along the way from South to North Lake Tahoe.

Because we stopped by many places to take the photos, we arrived Boreal Resort a little bit late around 12:45 PM, Therefore, we just needed to buy a haft-day ticket that cost us about $94 included Lift ticket + rental + basic training. Since no more training session after 1:00 PM; luckily, we could by the ticket on time before 1:00 PM so they allowed us to join the Training session.

It is worth pointing out that learning how to keep the balance and how to stop at the end is mandatory. Even though the Ski instructor taught us how to stop, I did not practice well enough; as the result, I fell a lot that made all of my muscles hurt—learning to ski was not as easy as I would have hoped, but I felt proud of the fact that I did so well on my first try. Since the shoes made of silver, they were so heavy that it took time for me to be familiar with them. Moreover, when I fell down, it was not easy for me to stand up because of these shoes. Therefore, the more you felt comfortable with your shoes, the easier you control your balance.

Even though I admit that I fell… I fell a lot, I think that I might be addicted, and there was somehow never enough time in the day to ski as much as I would have liked.Based on my previous post Lake Tahoe and Learning to Ski, I know How to prepare well for skiing with waterproof clothes and gloves. Therefore, I do not felt cold and wet although I fell a lot of times.Since I didn’t crash into any children, trees, or other skiers though, I’m going to call the experience a win. I did see a number of snowboarders and I think that’s something I’ll be interested in trying next, even if it does look a lot harder to keep balance and get off the lift. I saw one girl in front of me miss the dismount of the lift and had to get carried down by the lift workers when it headed back down the mountain with her still on it.

When we weren’t skiing, the trip was a dream. I don’t get to spend much time in the snow, but luckily for me, I went to REI first and got someone to help me pick out all the right gear I would need. I found the gloves to be the most difficult to remember, since I kept taking them off and leaving them sitting on a table or bench without realizing it (did you know ski jackets come with hooks in the pockets so you don’t lose your gloves? This has to be one of the best inventions yet). Finally, I did a snowman:) that is not easy as I imagined:(

I spent a lot of time hanging out with friends by the fire on this trip, cooking the delicious dinner named “Little Sheep Hot Pot”. No matter how the weather is too cold outside, the hot pot made us feel warm and enjoyable.

I admit that I didn’t read enough books—even though I did make a trip to the local bookshop to pick up a few titles. I started on The Hangman’s Daughter, which is one that I would highly recommend. I loved this book. I thought the story of the hangman’s history was interesting. And the mystery of the killer kept me reading.

All in all, I’d recommend Lake Tahoe as a great mini-vacation this winter, and definitely one that is affordable for a short trip to enjoy nature and cold weather. I know that some friends prefer Mammoth, but Tahoe was a relaxing little getaway and I drank my weight in hot cocoa and Chai tea, which—turns out—are even better when it’s cold outside. I’ve already started planning my next trip back, and while I’m not confident enough with my skiing to buy myself a pair, I’ll continue to stick with rentals, which makes packing even easier for a short trip.


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Amy Nguyen

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