Hello, 2018! Where am I Heading Next?

Hello, 2018! Where am I Heading Next?

I’ve had a long list of friends messaging me this week about travel plans. Where am I going? What am I doing? Want to join in on a trip?? It’s one of my favorite things about traveling—travelers stick together, even years after they met. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve met up with friends I met one night years ago who stayed in touch through social media. It’s always great to reminisce about a trip, ask for travel advice, and follow everyone else’s adventures.

This year, my friends are already starting the year off right: My feed is filled with photos of Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, Guatemala, Australia, and New Zealand. I’m getting jealous over here, and can’t wait to plan a trip of my own. The problem is… I can’t figure out for the life of me where to go. Is anyone else having this problem this year?

Everywhere looks so fantastic, I can’t decide. Part of me wants to go back to places I’ve already been, while the other part of me is impatient to go see something new. Based on my previous post, I have already shared with you about Top 10 Cities to visit in 2018  as Lonely Planet – the largest travel guide book publisher in the world – recommended to us. Annual year, Lonely Planet editors gather nominations from hundreds of contributors around the world and select 10 cities, regions, countries and value destinations to recommend for its. I also want to visit one of these cities.
I think that my problem is the overwhelming options that keep popping up on my Instagram in the last year. Every time I see a place that looks interesting, I see five more right after that look as equally amazing.

I used to plan trips around what my friends were doing, but it’s getting harder and harder for everyone to have to time off at the same time—or to travel with friends who have the same time off, but different budgets.

How do you decide? Do you choose the place with the cheapest ticket? Create a bucket list? Throw a dart at a map?

This used to be the easiest thing in the world for me. I’d pick a region that sounded interesting that fit my budget, find an affordable ticket, and start researching the place for the next month while I counted down to takeoff. As I’ve traveled more, I’ve started to select destinations I wanted to go to, rather than the cheapest ticket available.

I plan to come back Vietnam – my homeland and explore Japan – my beautiful country in this summer. How do I can spend as less as possible to cover these trips? In order to save money, I will follow the tips to save money for travel I shared with you my previous post: Five ways to save money for travel. I decide to buy the flight ticket before five months that I can get the best deal. Next, the ticket I select to buy called call “Multiple Cities” that you just need to buy only one ticket to cover your whole trip. It includes my flight from San Jose-US to Tokyo-Japan, my connecting flight in Japan for 3 days and my flight HCM-Vietnam and the arrival flight back to San Jose-US after.

With “Multiple Cities” flight ticket, I do not need to buy a separate ticket to Japan. Instead, I will leverage my trip 3 days in Japan to explore Tokyo. Even though Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities, there are some places won’t cost you a yen. I would like to share with you my places I will visit in Tokyo in this summer

The Imperial Palace, Tokyo

I can visit The Imperial Palace, Tokyo – the former site of Edo Castle and current main residence of the Emperor and Empress of Japan. As I know, there is no entrance ticket that I can stroll around the park-like neighborhood to catch pretty of views of the moats, bridges, gardens, palace walls and towers.

Tsukiji Fish Market

Moreover, since I want to find out where all that sushi comes from, I love visiting Tsukiji Fish Market – the world’s largest and liveliest fish market.

Shibuya Crossing

Taking a photo anywhere is my favorite habit that definitely I will stop by Shibuya Crossing – the busiest pedestrian crosswalk in the world. All corners are given the green light at the same time, so multiple streams of diagonal foot traffic converge simultaneously in a quest to reach the other side.

Asakusa Kannon Temple

Another temple my friend recommends me to visit is Asakusa Kannon Temple that locates at the end of the Ginza subway line. This temple is so impressive because of a colorful red-lacquered Buddhist temple with its giant hanging lantern and gilded five-story pagoda.

Visiting Sumo Museum – the most traditional simple in Japan – this free museum housed at Ryogoku’s Kokugikan sumo stadium. Do not forget to try Sake at Sake Plaza where you can learn about this traditional rice-based alcoholic beverage can be found at the Japanese Sake Information Centre. Last but not least, my friend also recommends me to visit Meiji Shrine where is the most famous place of worship, dedicated to the emperor who opened up Japan to the West in the 1860s.

If you plan to visit this awesome city like me, I recommend you to read Lonely Planet Tokyo is published by Lonely Planet – the world’s leading travel media company with guidebooks to every destination. This book is your passport to the most useful advice on what to explore in Tokyo, what hidden discoveries await you, how to fit your travel budget and so on. Get to the heart of Tokyo and begin your journey now!




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