Five Ways to Save Money for Travel 2018

Five Ways to Save Money for Travel 2018

Earlier this week, I wrote about how travel in 2018 is going to get more expensive, so when I sat down with my own budget, I realized that there will be a number of ways that I’ll have to pinch and save if I want to put aside enough money for the trips I want to take. So I came up with five ways I can save money for traveling, without impacting the rest of my budget too much. The first way to save: STOP SHOPPING. Just kidding. But seriously, step one does have a lot to do with my shopping habit (I love to shop).

#1. Spend Less on Clever Marketing

I mentioned I love shopping? It’s easy for me to walk into Target, and walk back out with bags of stuff I don’t really need, hiding the receipt in the bottom of my bag out of shame. I’m a sucker for marketing, and I’ve been well known to pay higher prices for the same items… just in better packaging. So this year, one of my resolutions will involve not falling for it anymore. Unless it’s something I KNOW will be a better product and the cheaper version just won’t do, I’ll stikc with the generic store brand versions… and not the fancy ones that cost $2-$10 more just because.

#2. Coffee At Home

For Christmas, I got a new coffee maker. It seems like a pretty great reason to ditch Starbucks every morning and brew my own coffee at home. Plus, it’ll end up saving me a ton of money in the long run. I don’t always think about what I’m spending when I’m out of the house, so choosing to save money by putting my coffee in a thermos will be difficult at first, but well worth the effort. It turns out that on average, I’m spending $120 a month (if I don’t throw in some breakfast) just on my favorite lattes. As long as I remember to keep my $25 coffee maker plugged in with the timer set each morning, it’ll take me a full minute in the morning to pour my coffee in a thermos and head out the door.

#3. Go Out Less

I also love going out—but this year, I plan to rope in some friends to have game nights at our homes once a week instead of going out to the bar. Obviously, I’ll still go out sometimes, but I don’t need to go out four nights a week just to escape my house and socialize. It’ll be much cheaper to invite friends over to hang out rather than waste money on Ubers to spend the entire night racking up a bar tab.

#4. Be Financially Responsible

I’m known for going days at a time without checking my bank account or looking at what I’ve spent. My goal this year is to be better about keeping track of what I’m spending—and what I’m spending money on. Sadly, my most frequent method of savings is the change jar in my bedroom, which I never actually cash in because I forget it’s there. This year, I plan on setting up automatic transfers for my savings account and regularly checking in to make sure that I’m not overspending (Example: Today I found out that for the past two months, the New York Times has been charging me $15 per month instead of $7. Part of being financially responsible is calling on that to figure out what is going on). Which brings us to:

#5. Cancel Those Subscriptions

I had no idea just how many subscriptions I had until I sat down this week to look them over. I’ve got Hulu, CBS, Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions for my favorite television shows (because no service offers all of the shows I love). I’ve also got the New York Times and the Washington Post. Amazon Prime AND Kindle Unlimited for books, then there’s the e-magazine subscriptions I get every month for my Kindle. Add in Bank Service fees, movie rentals and purchases, Microsoft Word, Google storage space, etc., etc.—turns out, my service subscriptions are really adding up, and I don’t even think about it. For 2018, I’ll need to clean house and make some tough choices when it comes to which subscriptions I keep, and which I cancel.
What about you? How do you save money? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!


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