Cyber Monday: How to Search for the Best Flight and Hotel Deals

Cyber Monday: How to Search for the Best Flight and Hotel Deals

I admit I’m getting anxious just waiting for Cyber Monday -the Monday following Thanksgiving that online retailers will offer the best deals. One of the things that I love about Cyber Monday?  It’s Skyscanner.

If you don’t know Skyscanner, I highly recommend checking it out. While they don’t have all the airlines available, the search parameters for flights and hotel deals are pretty great—my personal favourite being the flexible “all month” feature where you can take a look at the cheapest available flights for the entire month, and book your trip accordingly.

I’ve done some pre-Cyber Monday research this week to see what kind of deals I can expect to find, and if any will be something I want to book immediately (I’m working overtime this week, just to get some extra money put aside for anything I might want to impulse purchase: Trip to Madrid, maybe? London? Shanghai? New York? Who knows!).

The Black Friday to Cyber Monday holiday sale will go from November 24-27th, so save up your pennies if you’re wanting to get some travelling done and want to get some great discounts while you’re at it.

The best sales will be on Cyber Monday itself, so plan accordingly. If you’re like me, you might have spent some time looking around for flights to mentally prepare. It’s a good idea to make a list of the sites you want to check out on Cyber Monday itself, just to save yourself the search time. If you can be flexible with your travel plans, that’s even better.

There are some top airlines to look for, but it all depends on the destinations and your departure airport. If you’re dreaming about Europe, airlines like Norwegian Air and Emirates are solid choices to check out. If you’re looking for domestic flights, Frontier, American Airlines, Spirit and Jet Blue have all had great deals in the past.

Wherever you end up wanting to go, just don’t wait to book! Snap the deals up while you have a chance, you can always figure out the logistics later. Happy hunting!


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