Winter is Hanging On—But Here are Some Tips to Prepare for Spring

Winter is Hanging On—But Here are Some Tips to Prepare for Spring

This last week has shown us some strange weather—snowing in London and Rome, snow in Southern California, and summer heat in the Midwest one day, with eight inches of snow the next. It’s not clear when winter will finally be over this year, but the stores are already prepping for spring cleaning and summers outside.

I never understood spring cleaning until I spent time living in an actual winter—living in California ruins your understanding of seasons. But when you spend six months indoors without being able to open any windows because of the cold, then spring cleaning is a refreshing experience you can’t wait for.

I’ve put together a helpful To Do List for tackling Spring Cleaning this year, just to get everything out of the way quickly and to embrace the warmth, if it ever actually shows up.

Time to Start that Donation Box

Whichever thrift store you like to donate to, spring is a great time to de-clutter your house and get rid of all the stuff you know longer use that’s taking up space. Spring is a great time to pull everything out of your closet and evaluate whether you keep it one more year, or give it to someone else who will use it. A good rule for whether or not you should keep something is to ask if you’ve worn or used it in the past year—otherwise unless it holds some sentimental attachment for you, it’s probably time to let it go.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning the house can be annoying, but no one said you have to do it all in one day! I like to dedicate one month a year to deep cleaning, where each weekend I tackle a different room and clean it from top to bottom. This involves pulling out all the furniture and vacuuming everything, organizing closets, cabinets, and drawers, and finding a better organization system.

Go Through Old Electronics and Charger Cables

This one is important nowadays because I can’t keep my electronics and charger cables straight. It’s a great time to go through all of your drawers and find those electronics you no longer use—and figure out if you want to re-sell them, donate them, or recycle them if you realize you’ve upgraded or the tech isn’t something you’re interested in using anymore. Test each cable and label it, and find a dedicated space in your house to keep everything so you don’t keep buying new ones to replace what you’ve lost!

Replace Filters

Replace all filters including water, range hood and air vent filters. You should replace these filters every 3-6 months depending on the type of filter you have.

Clean Faucets and Shower heads

Unscrew the faucet aerators, sink sprayers and showerheads, and soak them in equal parts vinegar and water solution. Let them soak for an hour, then rinse with warm water.

Clean Out the Dryer Vent

A clogged dryer vent can be a fire hazard. To clean it, disconnect the vent from the back of the machine and use a dryer vent brush to remove lint. Outside your house, remove the dryer vent cover and use the brush to remove lint from the other end of the vent line. Make sure the vent cover flap moves freely.

Service the AC Unit

Have a qualified heating and cooling contractor clean and service the outside unit of the air conditioning system. Clean coils operate more efficiently, and an annual service call will keep the system working at peak performance levels. Change interior filters on a regular basis.


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