Why I still shop in-store shopping this Black Friday !?!

Why I still shop in-store shopping this Black Friday !?!

I am very excited to wait for the biggest sale day of the year in America: Black Friday. I am planning to walk-in-line for my favorite stores for my third time with my friends.
Some friends ask me why I still shop in-store shopping this Black Friday. In my opinion, Black Friday represents for one of my favorite American traditional activities, that people shop because that’s what they have done annual year since they were kids.

Moreover, shopping with friends and families play a vital role to reinforce the important relationships in this busy society because they can share the same interests and hobbies. It is worth pointing out that buying a product with the low price at the right time and right moment always makes me really happy even though maybe the product we purchase is not the lowest price in the market.

If you want to buy a lot of products with the best deals, you should follow my experiences below, so you can control your budget and enjoy your shopping day.

Plan for your budget NOW & Stick to it.
It is worth pointing out that in order to avoid unplanned purchase to overspend, you should decide how much you can afford to spend on Black Friday.
For example, you list down essential goods you need to purchase for your house, personal use, and Christmas gifts for your family and friends. Especially, you should set a limit of money you want to spend for these goods, then you can control the spending effectively.

Check the Black Friday Ads

Reading Black Friday Ad proves itself as a necessary step to compare the price of goods among a variety of stores. The sooner you research on these Ads, the more prepared you will on this special shopping day.
For example, this year I want to buy a printer that I need to compare the printer deals from Walmart, Best Buy, and Target. Comparing is an effective way to select the printer that is relevant to my budget and requirement, then I can make the right decision.

How to familiarize yourself with the Black Friday Ads

There are a lot of methods to look for the Ads such as print Ads from News, online Ads or smartphone apps.This year I use the app names Black Friday FM  to search for good deals.
This app is very convenient that it consolidates all Black Friday ads such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy in on the screen, so you keep track with notification about deals easily. Moreover, it also allows you to compare the price of the same product among different stores, so you might find the lowest price.

Take a look the products at showroom Before You Buy Them

After you decide which store you want to buy the product, ideally, you should headin to store to check out the product you prefer to purchase. Especially, if you want to buy electronics, you can test the function, check the size/weight and so on. Moreover, if you have any question about the products, you can ask the sellers directly.

Arrive & wait-in-line at the store early

There is no doubt that’s easy to lose track of time because of your Thanksgiving party. Since It is hard to find a parking lot at shopping malls, it is important to know what time you need to leave, and how early you need to be there.
If you want to get a good deal, it means you need to wait-in-line for a couple of hours before the store is opened on early Black Friday morning

Beware the details of promotion

There are a variety of deals on Black Friday, you should read carefully the details of each promotion. For example, “final sales” are discounts on items that can’t be returned and refunded. Therefore, if you purchase the wrong size or change your mind post-purchase, the store will not allow you to exchange or refund the money. Additionally, there are some deals just valid in short time that you should take note to buy the products on time

Keep Track of Rebates and Store Credits

Rebates and store credits are two kinds of sales promotions. A Rebate is an amount of money that is refunded back to consumers after they bought products. Store credits is a specific card offered by a store to a customer. It can be used to buy other goods at this store only
These promotions seem to be complicated since you must to keep track of your purchases and receipts. This can be especially hard during the chaos of Black Friday. Therefore, in order to miss these promotions, you should keep a detailed manifest of all the rebates you need to claim, the dates they’re valid, and any other pertinent information.

Keep Warm
It is very cold at that time, especially, if your store is located outside. Therefore, you should be well-prepared with relevant clothes to keep your body warm.


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