Prepping for the New Year: Nine Activities for Those Who Don’t Want to Go to the Bar

Prepping for the New Year: Nine Activities for Those Who Don’t Want to Go to the Bar

Those Who Don’t Want to Go to the Bar
Christmas is over, and I’m a little offended: I went out Christmas Eve for some last minute items before the stores closed for the holiday, and Target had already cleared out Christmas and was putting up merchandise for… Valentine’s???
What happened to New Year’s? Are we all so burnt out in 2017 that we’re skipping the festivities entirely? I haven’t heard a single person mention any New Year’s Eve plans, except for the friends who are heading to New York for the ball drop—and they’ve been planning their trip since May.

I checked out a few other stores this week as well—I haven’t seen a single item for New Year’s 2018. No themed confetti or funky 2018 sunglasses, no banners or décor for a holiday party. Is New Year’s Eve not a thing anymore?

I can’t say I blame anyone, I had fully intended to stay home with a good book and avoid the crowds since the past few years have been spent standing in line in the cold at a local bar and waiting to get in. Trying to get an Uber last year proved to be a nightmare, and I definitely didn’t want to be out on the roads.

But now I’m a little upset, so I’m searching out fun things to do for New Years that don’t involve long lines or dealing with getting vomited on. Again. That was not the best way to ring in the New Year for 2017. After some searching, I came up with an alternative list of plans that would still be fun. I tried to make the list as non-city specific as possible since most of my readers are based in different cities.

  • Host Your Own Party

I prefer to host this activity to farewell the finishing year and to celebrate the New Year. It’s a reasonable fit if you would like a little celebration but prefer not to get out in the middle of a big crowd. Then, you and your friends can tune into watching televised countdowns. You can select the location either at your home or a vacation rental with great city view, then all you have to do is hang out on the deck with your favorite beverage and enjoy the fireworks going off all over town.

  • Go out for dinner

Whether it’s a family-friendly restaurant with your family or your favorite restaurant for a night out with friends. Especially, in Vietnam, people prefer this activity since they can share great moments and enjoy New Year atmosphere with their beloved ones. Some restaurants may have New Year’s specials on food and drinks. You should make reservations several days ahead as restaurants tend to be busy on New Year’s Eve. Moreover, you can get the good table with the best view in case you want to watch the firework.

  • Bowling with Friends
  • Laser Tag
  • Ice skating
  • Seeing a play or some stand-up comedy
  • Catching a movie
  • Block party with the neighbors (no one has to drive home!)
  • See a live band

Turns out, a surprising number of businesses are still open for New Year’s Eve, which I never gave much thought to. I always assumed things would be closed (who knew that the movie theaters were open?? I sure didn’t).
What about you? Any plans for the New Year that don’t involve standing in line at a bar or club? I’d love to hear them!


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