How to Prepare for a Long Weekend When Friends Come to Town

How to Prepare for a Long Weekend When Friends Come to Town

This week, my best friend booked her flight to come for an extended weekend visit, and I couldn’t be more excited. Even though I’ve still got a few weeks, I’m already prepping my house, making sure I have everything she might need and trying to come up with cool, cheap, and easy to accomplish mini-outings to keep her entertained when she’s in town.
To help me limit the stress (this is much more stressful than traveling myself—I now have the responsibility of showing someone else a good time for a week), I put together a checklist to go over this month so I can breathe easy and enjoy hanging out.

spring cleaning

Deep clean everything.
I realized that while my house is clean by my standards, there is plenty of dirt, smudges, and wondering when the last time it was I cleaned out the shower drain. Since we’ve all got weird hang-ups about cleanliness, taking the time to deep clean everything means that no ones grossed out by something we think is perfectly normal. I’ve decided to clean like my mother is coming to visit.

Clean sheets and bedding.
It’s one thing for a friend to crash on your couch after a night out—it’s another to ask them to use sheets that have seen better days. While my sheets are perfectly comfortable, I realized that they’re a little dingier than I’d like for a guest. Instead of trying to whiten them with vinegar and a good long soak, I think it’s time I get a new set. And the duvet? Don’t get me started. I already went out and bought a new one.

Toiletries and Towels
Stock up on toilet paper and toiletries before the guest arrives—don’t forget fresh towels!

Stock up your kitchen
I know when I’m traveling, the worst part is eating out for every meal. While I enjoy great food, I do know how the expenses can add up. I also know that when friends come to visit, eating out can throw off my budget as well. Stock up your kitchen and freezer with the basics. Pick out a couple of your crowd-pleasing recipes that can be whipped up quickly and without much effort. It’ll be cheaper for your wallet and your guests.

Prep a list of activities
The worst part of any long weekend is trying to figure out what to do. Have a list already prepared—while you might not get to everything, it’ll help when you’re sitting around wondering what to do. And it will definitely save everyone from hanging out on the couch watching TV all weekend because you weren’t prepared.

Is there a beach nearby? A good improv comedy night or café? Choose a variety of activities for different times of the day—that way if you start going stir crazy in the house with nothing to do, you can head out and do something fun without having to debate it for an hour before finally giving up.
What about you guys? Did I forget anything? Any recommendations would be great.


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