Christmas: How to prepare for my favorite holiday.

Christmas: How to prepare for my favorite holiday.

Last weekend, I bought my first real Christmas tree and spent Saturday night decorating it with lights and ornaments. My family decided years ago to make the switch to fake Christmas trees, but while I was at Home Depot picking up lights, I saw the cutest Fraser Fern that I fell in love with. After wrestling it onto the car, my friend and I got it back to my place, and somehow managed to get it set up (pretty easily) once we figured where all the nuts and bolts were supposed to go in the tree stand.

One of the important thing for Christmas is to buy Christmas ornaments to adorn my tree and decorate my house. As I did last year, I decide to shop ornaments on Amazon and Walmart since these places offer a huge range of Christmas decoration with the cheapest price. What you need is to type the keyword “Christmas ornament” into the “search box” on Amazon; next, there are a great number of good deals will list down. You can filter from low to high price, then it is easier for you to see the cheapest deal. I prefer to shop online since we can save a lot of time and conveniently look for the stuff we want. Moreover, so you could get the fastest shipping (1 or 2 days) and excellent return policy with Amazon.

If you want to shop at Walmart, I suggest you should shop in-store that it is easier for you to “touch and feel”. There is a special area just for Christmas decoration inside Walmart that offers a lot of stuff such as Christmas tree, lights, wondrous wreath and garlands, ornaments and so on.

The house smells fantastic now, even if the tree has shed needles all over the living room. I’m not planning on doing much entertaining at my house this year, but there was something very nostalgic about turning on Christmas music with a friend and getting the tree up. Now I’ve got the problem of finding the right gifts to buy and managing to keep them a secret until Christmas.

I’m terrible at keeping secrets, and I usually give gifts in advance without waiting for the holidays to actually show up. The worst, at least for me, is buying gifts for friends who already seem to have everything. Men, in particular, are hard for me to shop for—while my female friends are really easy. Spoil yourself spa kits that I put together, books I think they’d enjoy, or new gadgets and little knick-knacks are easy. Whatever I like generally is a good guess for them—just change up the colors to match their tastes, and you usually have a winner.

For men, though, I get lost. There are a million gadgets and “Gifts for Him” blogs online, which I’ve read through for ideas. My friends and I tend to limit ourselves to a “cheap Christmas”, so our gifts are under $30 unless it is too perfect to pass up. We know that with so many people to buy for, our spending can quickly get out of hand if we’re not careful. What I did find were some cool gift ideas that are more event-based than material gifts. Tickets to go indoor skydiving is something I think will be perfect for one friend who keeps talking about skydiving but hasn’t taken the leap. I also bought a Goggles Skydiving for him to protect his eyes when he joins this interesting activity. For another, I bought a tour of a local brewery is a good gift for another.

What about you? What do you buy for the people in your life, and how do you decide how much to spend on each?


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