Houseguests and Being a Good Host

Houseguests and Being a Good Host

With the holidays coming up, I’ve been getting really nervous about my family coming to visit. I admit that I am a worrier, and I like to make things perfect. My friends tell me that I should worry less, and that no one will mind if the house is a bit messy—but I can’t help but think that everything needs to be perfect. Do I have enough towels? Do people bring their own towels? What about sheets? Should I buy an air mattress? What kind of snacks should I have in the house??

One of my biggest pet peeves when I stay with family is the lack of space they give me to do my own thing. Since I’m an introvert when I’m at home, and I like things to be well organized and relaxed, I struggle with getting time to myself—but I also know that some people do not feel the same way.

I think that a large part of this worry is a house guest situation that went horribly wrong when my mother came to visit me one year. She had extreme culture shock, was very quiet the whole time, followed me around and let me choose the food, the day trips, and the full itinerary. Of course, the weather completely changed from when she packed up to fly to see me, to when she arrived—it was supposed to be warm, and it ended up being cold and stormy the whole trip. Her luggage was lost at the airport, and she was borrowing clothes from me for the first half of the trip—I even had to rush out to buy her underwear because she hadn’t put any in her carryon (it was embarrassing for everyone).

So… I worry a lot about keeping people happy, giving them enough space, and making sure that they have everything they could want when they come to stay with me. Otherwise, I end up feeling guilty the entire time and overcompensating if I think they are having a miserable time.

I’m currently working on an itinerary, and this week will be spent making lists in my bullet journal (remember my bullet journal blog? I’ve gotten much better, but it may have become a problem—I keep ordering stationary and washi tape from Japan, and I’m anxiously waiting for it to arrive so I can show off my limited bullet journal skills).

If you have recommendations on how to be the perfect houseguest, I’d love to hear them! So far, I’ve just been in a panic—but luckily, I still have weeks to finish planning!


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