Five Ways to Kick Your Routine and Try Something New

Five Ways to Kick Your Routine and Try Something New

I’ve been trying to get better about taking time for myself lately—it can get easy to get lost in work, get home from a long day, and turn off my phone and not go out. For 2018, I want to try and do one thing a week that is outside of my usual routine. To help me with this (and maybe even help out my readers if they’re feeling the same way), I’ve come up with five things that I can do on a regular basis that get me out of the house and doing something new.

Visit a Museum or Art Exhibit

It seems like I used to have more time to visit museums in the past, but now I couldn’t tell you what events are being hosted or what exhibits are current. I’m now following three of my local museums on social media to keep up to date with events and find out about new exhibit openings. So far, I’ve found a few that I’ve marked down on my calendar that seems pretty fantastic.

Try a New Restaurant

For those nights where I don’t feel like cooking and get tempted by ordering from Grub Hub or Uber Eats, my new goal is to get out of sweatpants, grab a book—or a friend—and head to a local restaurant I haven’t tried yet. I admit that my grandfather puts me to shame on this one. He has a journal just for new restaurants he tries out, and he keeps a list and a short review of his meal for each one. So far, he’s tried over 200 restaurants in the past few years and makes sure to try a new cuisine each month that he’s not as familiar with.

Thrift Stores or Flea Markets

I love shopping—but I usually make a point to go to the same store (hello, Target!) for everything I need. I’ve been working on updating my house and furniture, so flea markets and DIY shopping are right up my alley. Learning to DIY furniture and update old thrift store finds has always been something I’ve wanted to learn, so this is a perfect evening or weekend activity that gets me out of my usual routine.

Weekly Quiz Nights

I recently was taken to a quiz night with some friends, and was surprised at how much fun I had. It turns out they’re all over the city at different bars (and different days) during the week, and some are right in my neighborhood. My goal is to get three or four friends together and go to a weekly quiz night and make that a new routine—have a night out, a good time with friends, and if you win, most quiz nights award prizes to the winning team for food and drink discounts.

Mini Road Trips

There are a lot of things to see and do just outside of my usual neighborhoods, and I admit that I’ve gotten comfortable when I’m at home and stick to the same areas. If I drove an extra five to ten minutes, I could be in a completely different part of town that I don’t know much about. A new goal of mine this year is to expand my routine and getting out of the neighborhoods that I know best is one easy way to do that. Whether it’s a ten-minute drive on the freeway or a half hour drive to a new city, I can just throw on Spotify and wind up somewhere completely new and go exploring.

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