What does it feel like to be happy and not depressed 24/7?

What does it feel like to be happy and not depressed 24/7?

The other day, someone asked me what it was like to be happy and not depressed every minute of the day. Maybe the question was because it came from a person who doesn’t know me as well as my closest friends do, or maybe I just seem more upbeat most of the time than others.
I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure what it feels like to be happy all the time—I’ve never been “happy” all the time.

I’ve also had dark moments where I’ve accused friends (at least in my head) of never being depressed. One friend, for example, is always excited about everything, always happy, and always working to make others happy. After being good friends for over seven years, we finally had a night where we sat down and he told me he’d started going to therapy because of his battle with depression. He was thrilled about it—and we’d always been the kind of people who thought therapy wasn’t for us, but after hearing how much it helped him and how much he was getting out of the process, I started to become much more open-minded about seeking out professional help for myself.
(Have I? No, I have not. Should I? Absolutely. It’s just something I’ve never actively pursued, despite knowing the benefits.)

What I’ve learned is that we all struggle with intense emotions—whether it is happiness, depression, anger, frustration, etc., and that we experience these throughout each day. There are very few days, in fact, where I am able to hang on to a single emotion. There’s usually not even a single hour where I feel one constant emotion.

A friend of mine who runs a self-help program once told me that we cycle through emotions on any given day, any given hour, and at any given time. It’s only when we’re able to recognize the emotions and label them for what they are that we might be able to sort out what’s causing that reaction in ourselves and limit the effect that they have on us.

She also told me that we only experience these extreme emotions for about ten minutes before we’re able to move past them. I was never 100% sure about that—I’ve been angry for a lot longer than 10 minutes before, but when I thought back on it, I realized that the strength of the emotion fades within at least ten minutes—if not less.

Another piece of advice that I got once was that we should always question the “why” of something. I’m constantly realizing that whenever I’m angry or depressed about something, I’m not always assigning the right reason for the emotion to why I am reacting the way that I am.
So what does it feel like to be happy and not depressed every minute of the day? I honestly couldn’t tell you. I have never been happy for an entire day straight. I’m not really sure that I’ve ever been, or that I ever will be.

What I do know is that for those of us who don’t have clinically diagnosed depression, we can work to change our mindset and influence our emotions at any given point. It’s not easy, and sometimes it feels better to wallow in depression or frustration, or go into the kitchen and smash some dishes. But it’s possible.

Reading a book is a effective method to relax and release your depression that I recommend you to read FURIOUSLY HAPPY: A FUNNY BOOK ABOUT HORRIBLE THINGS is about depression and mental illness, but deep down it’s about joy. #1 New York Times bestselling author Jenny Lawson explores her lifelong battle with mental illness who shares her own experience with severe depression and a host of other conditions. There is no doubt that life is so short that people should enjoy every moment in their life.

There is no doubt that if people are surrounded by ‘things’ that make them happy at home—whether it is family photos, books they enjoy, plants, etc, they will feel comfortable to release stress. One of the big things for me has always been the scent. I love to walk through the house and smell my favorite scents. You can read my post Home, Happiness, and Wax Cubes to learn more. Hope you find this post useful.


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