Christmas Preparations and California Wildfire Donations

Christmas Preparations and California Wildfire Donations

I have a tree! I have lights in the house! I even have a collection of ornaments that have yet to break. My house is nowhere near as pretty as the neighbors’, but I’m proud of myself for getting everything up, and I’ve been playing Christmas music all week as a way to celebrate. The recent trip to Lake Tahoe helped, since I got to spend time in the snow, but now that I’m back home, the weather couldn’t be any less like Christmas—and neither is the mood in California at the moment, which is an even larger concern.

As a Californian, I’m used to warming, dry weather, but the fire reports are a concern for everyone throughout the state and I’m grateful for Facebook’s Safety Check-In feature so that I know that friends are all safe. I can’t remember what we did on Facebook to check in with everyone—but I do know it’s not nearly as effective. I’m still waiting to hear back from a friend in Florida from September who was right in the path of the hurricane. Since he’s not on Facebook and I got a new phone, the only method of contact is through email, and so far, he’s not responded. I know that I would hear if anything happened through the communities we’re involved in, but not knowing for sure has been frustrating for me. Facebook might suck a lot of my time, but it really is the most convenient way of getting information quickly.

For anyone looking to donate to the California Wildfire Victims, there are a number of great resources you can use. While my goal this week was to recommend my favorite charities to donate to during the holidays, I’ve decided that sharing some information for donations to the California Wildfires is appropriate this week. While we’re all in the festive mood and rushing around to buy presents, it’s terrible to think of all those in California who are having a much different experience this year.

United Way of Ventura County

The Thomas fire in Ventura County is now the fifth largest fire in the state’s history, burning 230,000 acres so far, with the numbers continuing to grow. Firefighters are still working to contain it, but there are a large number of factors coming together to make it an uncontrollable outbreak that continues to devastate Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. The proceeds of donations to the victims of the Thomas fire, and can be made by visiting texting UWV to 41444.

American Red Cross

You can volunteer or donate through the American Red Cross, for either Ventura or the greater Los Angeles area. The information released by Red Cross Los Angeles is below if you’re interested.

There are a number of other charities to choose from as well, but these two are solid choices if you don’t have time to research on your own. The work being done to contain the fires is heroic this week, and giving support in any way we can is always welcome, whether it is $10 or a few hours of our time—and more if we are able!


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