The Aftermath of Cyber Monday and Preparing For Christmas

The Aftermath of Cyber Monday and Preparing For Christmas

I am almost afraid to check my bank account this week because I cleaned up with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals over the weekend. I got a new Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet (I’m in love), an extra-large travel hammock (on sale from $90 to $20—it was a deal I couldn’t pass up, and now I’m anxiously awaiting the first chance to use it). I also got household items, a new Bluetooth travel speaker, and over half of my Christmas list completed, which I’m pretty happy about.

I probably should have spent more time on the Christmas list than I did on myself, but Amazon Prime tempted me more than I want to admit. I did say no, after a lot of thought, to a number of items that I wanted but didn’t necessarily need (like the GoPro6—that one took a few days to talk myself out of it). I spent all of Monday trying to stay off of Amazon and other sites that might tempt me into spending my entire paycheck, and reminding myself that bills are probably more important than new gadgets and toys.

I did find it funny that, while shopping last week, Christmas music was already playing in all the stores, even though we hadn’t gotten past Thanksgiving yet. It was a nice reminder that I need to figure out if I want to get a Christmas tree this year, and try to figure out how many presents I need to buy, what my plans are for the holidays, and whether or not I want to stay home with family, or take a holiday vacation.
I got invited to Mammoth for a week of snowboarding and hot cocoa over Christmas, and it’s a tempting offer that I’ll have to seriously consider. In the end, though, a cabin in the mountains with friends for a week might sound tempting, but I would feel terrible not spending time with family members over the holidays. That’s what the holidays are all about, right? Spending quality time with our loved ones, and taking part in annual traditions.

Did you know that December 26th is the most traveled day of the year? I knew it was a big one but had no idea just how many people were traveling home following the holiday.
What about you? Will you be traveling, staying home with family, or taking a vacation? Let me know in the comments, you can help me make my decision!


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Amy Nguyen

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