Advice for Loving Yourself

Advice for Loving Yourself

This week, I got off the phone with one of my closest friends. I admit that we’ve sort of let our friendship fall away, and for the usual reasons. We both have very different interests, we’re both workaholics, and we both are very ambitious. After chatting with her for two hours over Skype this week, I hung up the phone emotionally exhausted. It wasn’t because of my friend, but because of the person, I was trying to be while talking to her.

She’s one of those wonderful humans who is always working on self-improvement. In the past year, she’s taken a gigantic leap and quit her corporate job to follow her dream of being a yoga instructor. She took courses to improve her weaknesses—one of which has always been public speaking, which I’m thrilled to say she’s overcome thanks to hard work and putting herself out of her comfort zone. She joined with a start-up for a clothing line, she became vegan, she eats healthy and even though she now works harder than she ever has when she had her 9-to-5, she is clearly content and happy with the opportunities that she’s created for herself.

I’m not telling any secrets when I say that she has struggled with her self-worth since she is a woman that uses her own weaknesses as a way to help others overcome her own. She always admits when she feels vulnerable, and she puts herself out there again and again anyway.

Loving yourself is never easy, and sometimes it feels selfish to put yourself before others.

I struggle with this when I begin to realize I’ve strayed from my goals or that I’m letting my bills and financial situation rule my actions. These are the moments where I start to look around my house at all my possessions and wonder how long it would take to pack up what was important, quit my job, and book a flight to the first island that sounds interesting. I have always loved myself more when I’m traveling.

My friend loves herself more when she feels connected and present in the moment. Another friend loves herself when she has a fantastic day at work where she’s on top of her game and “killing it”—which is especially great, since she got a promotion before she was ready a few months back, and she’s been struggling to keep up and excel at her new position.

We all have different things that make us happy, that make us sit back and go, “Oh, this feels fantastic”. The moments where we love ourselves are the ones where we feel the most confident. So if I had any advice that I’ve learned from personal experience or from listening to friends, it’s that we need to put ourselves out there.

We need to do the things we don’t think that we can do. Public speaking. Traveling in countries where we don’t speak the language. Achieving things we didn’t think we could at work when we initially feel like we’re in over our heads.

We each have different things that give us confidence, but the key to loving ourselves is finding the things that we are unsure of or that make us fearful—and then we work to improve, we test ourselves, and we keep working at it until we succeed. And then we do it again, and again, and again after that.

I highly recommend you to read this book: You Can Heal Your Life that I found it is very meaningful to my life. The book encourages us to transform our life by changing the way we think. Louise L Hay, the internationally renowned author, and lecturer brings you the companion book to her landmark bestseller. The author has a great deal of experience to share about healing, including how she cured herself after being diagnosed with cancer.


What about you? What makes you confident? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!



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