Late to the Game: Getting Started with Bullet Journaling

Late to the Game: Getting Started with Bullet Journaling


I love the idea of keeping organized—but I admit that I am not always as good at it as I would like. A friend recently showed me her bullet journal and I realized that it might be the perfect answer.

While bullet journaling isn’t new (I learned after looking it up online later), I feel a little overwhelmed on how or where to get started. My friend says it’s easy, “get a journal, create an index, and get to it”. After a few hours of research, I realized that bullet journaling isn’t just about keeping organized, it’s a great creative outlet as well.

For someone like me, bullet journaling might be the perfect way to have fun while keeping track of my goals each month. Here’s what I’ve learned so far: Bullet Journals help you keep track of multiple things at once: Life goals, personal goals, to do lists, finances—anything you want to put in there, and whichever way you choose to organize it. The goal of the bullet journal is to give you a way to keep everything in one place, organize it through an index, and get creative with how you plan everything out.

First Step: Create an Index

It’s the page that keeps track of where everything is so that you’ve got clear sections that you work in for each task, goal, or month. Number your jounral and then use the index to keep track of what is on each page.

Second Step: Figure Out Your Project Pages

This one seems a little hard for me at the moment. I’m not sure how many projects I’ll want in the future, or how many I’ve got going at the moment. I think my main priority is focusing on wellness: Eating better, trying new recipes, and taking time to enjoy the little things. So for my first “project pages”, I’ll be focusing on wellness, food, and personal me time each day.

Third Step: Monthly/Weekly/Daily Planning Calendars

This helps you break each section down into manageable amounts of time, so you can stay on top of your goals each day. For the month, I’ve started writing in important dates, for each week I’ve focused on overall goals or things I want to do each day (i.e. Try two new recipes a week!), and for my daily goals I’ve blocked out personal me time and things I want to get done each day to help me keep track.

Fourth Step: Lists

I love lists, so this is perfect for me. I’ve started going over what kinds of recipes I’d like to try—and writing down ones I want to get to in the next few months. I even got ambitious and wrote down an exercise plan I’d like to start doing (I’ll let you know how that goes, stay posted).

So far, the bullet journal has been a great way to help me get organized with a few personal goals—and as long as I complete my goals and don’t spend all of my time designing the journal it might be a big help (some of the ones I’ve seen on Instagram and Pinterest are intimidating—they’re beautiful!). Stay posted, if this works out (and it looks nice enough to share), I’ll keep you updated on my progress.


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