My favorite Street Food: Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong

My favorite Street Food: Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong

There is no doubt that each city in the world combines a variety of different cuisines and types of food that attracts people to visit and enjoy the experiences. It is worth pointing out that street food represents for the specific culture that travelers prefer to explore when they visit a new place. What count is the combination of sounds, smell and all the sights from street food that attract people to enjoy. Eating street food seems to be the best ways to get to know a city.

I would like to recommend you my personal street food favorites from Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

1. Bangkok, Thailand

There is no doubt that you can find street food anywhere in Bangkok where street food vendors in various places of the city operate with plastic table tops and mobile grills.
I would like to recommend you for street food in Bangkok is Yaowarat – the main street food in Bangkok’s Chinatown. You will be attracted by the food smells in this area because there are a variety of street food such as Kuay tiew kai soi sai nam phung (noodle soup with chicken wing stew with young egg and pork intestine), pad thai noodles (a stir-fried rice noodle dish), grilled satay (tender grilled meat with peanut sauce, and cucumber salad), hoy tod nai mong (a crisp fried mussel pancake), etc. Additionally, there are a lot of mobile grills along the sidewalk that you should try such as freshly barbecued pork, beef, chicken wings, seafood and fried fish at heavenly roadside shacks across the city. Moreover, one of traditional Thai food that I love is Thai curry and sour soup, and a weird assortment of fermented sweets. Just make the order, pull up a plastic chair and enjoy your meals.

2.Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

It is worth pointing out that I really miss street food in Ho Chi Minh – my hometown. It is easy for you to find street food vendors no matter where you are. There are two main Vietnamese Signature dishes that you can find anywhere are Pho (Vietnamese rice noodle soup – salty broth, fresh rice noodles, a sprinkling of herbs and chicken or beef) and a Banh Mi (Baguette-style sandwich packed with toppings and flavors). The taste, flavor, and smell of Pho in Northern Vietnam are slightly different from Southern Vietnam that the flavor of broth in South seems to be stronger than in North. Besides, I would like to share with you the list of popular street food in Ho Chi Minh that you should try:)

Snail: you can read my post “ Have you ever eaten snails in Vietnam?” to get more information about this delicious fresh food.
Xôi (sticky rice): The glutinous staple comes with any number of mix-ins (from slivers of chicken or pork to fried or preserved eggs), but almost always with a scattering of fried shallots on top.
Gỏi Cuốn (fresh spring roll): The translucent parcels are first packed with salad greens, a sliver of meat or seafood and a layer of coriander, before being neatly rolled and dunked in Vietnam’s favorite condiment — fish sauce
Bánh bột chiên: Chunks of rice flour dough are fried in a large wok until crispy, and then an egg is broken into the mix.
Bánh xèo (Vietnamese crepe): A good Banh xeo is a crispy crepe bulging with pork, shrimp and bean sprouts, plus the garnish of fresh herbs that are characteristic of most authentic Vietnamese dishes.
Bún bò: The beloved beef noodle soup is on the boil that the taste is a little bit spicy. You can add more chili if you want, add beef tendon as well. I really love this noodle because the flavor of the broth is so strong, rich and salty.

3>Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Because Kuala Lumpur is a city influenced by its three main demographic groups: Malaysian, Chinese and Indian, it heavily affects Kuala Lumpur’s Street Food scene.You can find specific Indian Banana leaf restaurants, small Chinese noodle joints and get some authentic Roti and Chai for breakfast.
A piping hot biryani (Indian curry): a classic Hyderabad dhum biryani served in a pastry-sealed bowl, the rice is first partially cooked in basic spice and later steamed with marinated meat, remember to spoon curry over the rice.
Bak kut teh: traditional bowls of tender meat with aromatic broth. There are two versions of bak kut teh – the original meat-bones only in the morning and the clay pot style with intestines, maw, mushroom and tofu puffs at night. I really fall in love with this food that I have never forgotten the rich flavor and smell.
Banana leaf-wrapped fish: It’s the freshness of the fish that hits you first; the spicy marinade complements but doesn’t take away from the true taste of the fish. For an extra kick, have it with the air as dipping sauce and wash the spiciness down with a cold glass of air kelapa.
Caramelised barbecued pork: Honey-glazed char siew is one of KL’s most alluring street food tempts. The pork here is alarmingly sweet and yields a crunchy exterior, pairing nicely with the sticky rice.

Hakka noodles: springy egg noodles tossed in glistening lard and topped with minced pork, crunchy deep-fried fish skin, and sliced spring onions.

4>Kowloon, Hong Kong

Kowloon, Hong Kong is one of my favorite places to visit that I often spend my New Year here. There are three main islands in Hong Kong, you should visit Kowloon if you plan to look for street food. Here is the list of street food.

Stinky tofu: is the king of street foods and traditional food in Hong Kong. The smell is so strong that no matter where you are in Cao Long, your nose will catch this smell. You should try this fried tofu with a spicy sauce that enhances the flavor and taste.
Cheung fun: Cheung fun is made from steamed sheets of rice noodles and sports a satisfyingly chewy and gooey texture with sweet sauce
Curry fish balls: fish balls come in a group of five on a bamboo stick and are soaked in a strong curry sauce. Besides stinky tofu, I enjoy this food because of the combination of curry and fish taste.
Egg waffles: these are made by pouring egg batter onto a griddle pan. The shape of waffles look like small eggs and the taste is a little bit sweet.
Egg tarts: The two main parts of the egg tart – the golden crispy pastry and soft silky egg filling


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