Home Cooking: How to roast Pumpkin Seeds

Home Cooking: How to roast Pumpkin Seeds

This week, we decided to carve some pumpkins for Halloween. It turns out I need a lot more pumpkin carving practice—I am not as good at this as I could be.

I bought two large pumpkins, but by the time I finished carving the first one I was done.

I had forgotten about negative space, and the entire middle of my design fell right out. [Luckily, a friend had a quick fix, and helped me use toothpicks to piece it all back together].

I’ve now got one carved pumpkin and one with no design, sitting in my window—but I don’t know what to do with the pumpkins after Halloween is over. Throwing them away seems wasteful. What do you do with your pumpkins? A friend recommended feeding them to chickens, but I don’t have any chickens.

What I do know is what to do with the seeds. My friend passed along a recipe and I’ve been happily eating pumpkin seeds all week.

Pumpkin Seeds Recipe


  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Butter
  • Your choice of salt, sea salt, garlic salt or chili


  1. Gut your pumpkin, put all the guts in a bowl. Use a strainer to get all of the seeds washed
  2. Leave out to dry for 24 hours on a baking sheet
  3. Turn on over to 300 degrees
  4. Cover seeds with butter, salt or whatever you want on top
  5. Cook for 45 minutes
  6. Enjoy!


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