Self-help Book: where you can find the real happiness

Self-help Book: where you can find the real happiness

When we were kids, we did not think about happiness. However, the older we are, the more we spend the time to look for the happiness. Actually, it is not easy to feel happiness since there are a lot of pressures in our life that we nearly try to survive instead of enjoying the life.

Even though I am very busy since I simultaneously work and study full time, I spend at least 1 hour each day to read the self-help books that provide me a great help on the path of personal growth and some were even life-changing.

I personally read hundreds of self-help books in the past and this is my list of 5 books I would like to recommend to everybody. I encourage you to jump out of your comfort zone and pick several of these to add to your library and read. Then, tell me what your very favorite self-help books are.

You Are a Badass is a self-help book for people who want to make some changes in their life. There is no doubt that people cannot change their life by doing the same things that got them where they presently are; therefore, you have to change it up and leap into the void. It is worth pointing out that this book will assist you to recognize the beliefs and behaviors that stop you following your dreams, blast past your fears so you can overcome your barriers, take the risks, learn how to love yourself and other people and build up your goals and achieve them. What counts is that you need to create a life you totally love right now.

The author is Jen Sincero, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, who is also famous for world-traveling success coach. She uses a friendly tone and words that let the readers understand the message easily. Moreover, she also adds the humor on every page that makes the readers feel attractive and interested to acknowledge the whole content.

The Gifts Of Imperfection is #1 New York Times Best Seller with Over 1.5 Million Copies Sold. There is no doubt that each day we face a lot of content from media and society telling us who we should be and what we should do and so on. As the result, we believe that only when we get a perfect life can we become happier.

However, what counts is that a lot of us grow up like zombies, not realizing what we believe is not really who we are. Somehow, we have just tried to live as people expect that we seem to forget who you mean to be. In order to impress others, we pretend to be like someone else who we think is better than who we are.

Dr. Brené Brown, the author of four #1 New York Times best-sellers, connect to our minds, hearts, and spirits as she explores how we can cultivate the courage, compassion, and connection to wake up in the morning and think: “I am imperfect and vulnerable, but that doesn’t change the truth that I am worthy of love and belonging”. It is worth pointing out that Courage, compassion, and connection- these three little words can open the door to make your life different. The content is combined in a completely honest, genuine, and cohesive way, so we can be understood, absorbed and applied to our lives realistically.

When we are stressed, we are not only less happy but also less productive. Moreover, we will make those around us unhappy as well. How To Relax is a part of The Mindfulness Essentials series of Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. The author shares methods that help us to bring our lives back into balance. This book is a series of short stories about resting, healing, and solitude that guide us how to release the stress. If we practice frequently,  we can achieve the calm in our mind, control the stress, be unbusy to relax no matter how the life turns around.

Thich Nhat Hanh is one of the best-known authors that was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Martin Luther King Jr. His best selling books include Living Buddha, Living Christ; Anger: Wisdom for Cooling the Flames; Peace Is Every Step; and The Miracle of Mindfulness.

Have you ever been struggled with living alone?. Choosing the solo life can actually more available and explore the world around you. I totally recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with living alone and feeling like they just want someone to tell them what will help without the arrogance of a “you must do this for happiness.”This book says things that makes me think “yeah, I know exactly what you mean!!” I love the author and felt connected to her as I read through it.
After going through a broken relationship, Barbara Feldon, the author, found herself living alone. that she recognizes this time would become one of the most enriching and joyous periods of her life. The author shares her secrets for living alone and loving it. In order to enjoy the solo life, we should stop imagining that marriage is a solution for loneliness, value connections that might be overlooked, develop your creative side and end negative thinking.
Furiously Happy is about depression and mental illness, but deep down it’s about joy. #1 New York Times bestselling author Jenny Lawson explores her lifelong battle with mental illness who shares her own experience with severe depression and a host of other conditions. Moreover, she also explains how it has led her to live life to the fullest. What counts is the way she adds a humor memoir tinged with just enough tragedy and pathos to make it worthwhile. There is no doubt that life is so short that people should enjoy every moment in their life. There are so many people out there struggling with depression and mental illness, either themselves or someone in their family.


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