New York for New Years’ Eve?

New York for New Years’ Eve?

I was recently asked to join on a trip to New York City for New Year’s Eve, and I admit that I am on the fence. I did some research this week and thought I’d share with anyone planning (in advance!!) their trip to NYC to watch the Ball Drop in Times Square.

Ringing in the New Year in Times Square

The good news is that it doesn’t cost anything to go to Times Square for NYE celebrations. The event is completely free. There are a number of ambitious salesmen out trying to sell tickets to Times Square for the night, so don’t be fooled.
You should be aware that it’s open to the public on a first come, first serve basis. It’s highly recommended that you bundle up, stay warm, and get there as early as you can.

Traveling to New York
It’ll be busy—beware! Last year, millions of people crammed into Times Square to celebrate—and just imagine how many of those people will be heading home right after. You should plan to stay at least through the weekend, see the sights: National September 11 Memorial & Museum, Brooklyn bridge, Liberty statue,  catch a play on Broadway and do some well-deserved shopping while you’re there.

National September 11 Memorial & Museum

Brooklyn Bridge

Liberty Statue

Broadway Theatre

As a heads up, because I found this upsetting, there are no portable restrooms in Times Square. Local restaurants aren’t likely to let non-paying customers use their facilities, and even if you do wander around trying to find somewhere… chances are you’ll never manage to get back to your spot. So go to the bathroom beforehand, and don’t drink anything.

You’re going to want to plan your weekend out by making reservations for everywhere you want to go—at times you’re confident you’ll make it. There’s no food in Times Square for New Year’s Eve, so bring snacks with you, or expect to starve. I remember when I was there a few years ago in October trying to get food in Times Square—it took me over an hour just to get to the front of the line at McDonald’s, and once I got my order, there wasn’t a single seat in the two-story restaurant open. I can’t imagine what it would be like on the busiest night of the year, trying to get something anywhere in the city.

Don’t Bring Large Bags, Backpacks, or Purses
These aren’t allowed in Times Square, and even smaller bags and backpacks will be checked at every entrance and exit—oh, and while we’re at entrances and exits, don’t forget to stick with public transportation. A taxi on New Year’s Eve? Forget-about-it.

If you need more information about the New York Travel Guide, I would like to recommend you read Frommer’s EasyGuide to New York City 2017.   This guide is useful because it helped me plan my schedule reasonably that allowed me to visit different places without spending too much time getting from place to place.

So that seems to be the basic rundown—buy your tickets early, make SURE to book a hotel (you should have done this months ago, really, unless you’re like me and invited along with a few friends who already have one). I still have to decide this week—so what do you think? Would you go?


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