Three Days of Sightseeing in San Diego

Three Days of Sightseeing in San Diego

I have always loved to travel, whether it is in the U.S. or abroad. Last month I drove down to San Diego with friends to see the city, and it might be one of my new favorite places to explore. Our lovely host Joann took us around the city to see her favorite local spots that most tourists miss. Here are two areas that I hadn’t spent time in before, but that I highly recommend:

Ocean Beach


A well-known beach spot, but often overlooked by tourists who choose to go to Coronado and face the crowds. While Coronado Island is filled with cute tourist shops, the Hotel Del and miles of beach to explore (including a dog beach), Ocean Beach is laid back, filled with interesting sights and sounds, good for grabbing fish tacos for lunch, and filled with local artists. If you’re looking for a laid back San Diego vibe, Ocean Beach is the place to go. Newport avenue is filled with unique shops, interesting people, and beaches that aren’t too full. Just be sure to bring some change for the talented buskers on the street corners!

North Park

When I think of San Diego, I think of beaches and shops, but North Park is a part of the city I didn’t expect. While we thought we’d be spending our days at the beach, we quickly learned that San Diego has a vibrant night life and laid back people who love to strike up conversations with strangers. From dinner at Urban Solace (you must try the duckaroni), to seeing live bands  at the Office Bar, and checking out Coin-Op for video games and drinks, North Park has more to offer than I could have imagined—and there’s something for everyone.


One of my favorite place is Legoland because I am a fan of Legos. It recalls me about my childhood’s memories. Even though this park is for kids ages 2-12, there are a lot of adults to visit this park enjoying the creative world of Legos. Legoland is closed on Tuesday and Wednesdays during school year and closes between 5 and 6 p.m on other days. Parents can buy the gifts for their kids at Lego Store – the largest selection of Legos in the nation. There are two entertainment parks for children are Kid-friendly attractions and Water Park in Legoland.  While it is not possible to purchase a separate ticket for only the Legoland water park, Legoland offers great deals on park hopper tickets that will definitely make the extra cost of going to the water park in addition to the regular park worth it. I suggest you should buy online ticket with the cheaper price.

The most interesting place in Legoland is Miniland where you can find the small scale of the landmarks of Washington D.C., New York City, Las Vegas, San Francisco and New Orleans, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Queen Elizabeth II, William Shakespeare and other famous faces made of Legos.




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