Karaoke: My Most Favorite Hobby

Karaoke: My Most Favorite Hobby

Have you ever wondered why people love to sing Karaoke? Karaoke is now much more than a hobby since it becomes a spiritual activity. It brings people together!!!

If you visit Vietnam, Hong Kong or Korea, you can see there are a lot of Karaoke stores in these countries. It is worth pointing out that Karaoke becomes one of the most significant traditional activities in this society. In my country, we often go to Karaoke store every week because of a variety of reasons. We sing no matter when we feel sad or happy. We sing no matter where we are in town or out-of-town. We sing to celebrate someone gets a new job, get married, get a promotion, birthday, family and friend reunion and so on.

Honestly, It is difficult to list down a thousand reasons to go to Karaoke. Karaoke becomes the spirit gift whenever people would hold parties or get-togethers. Karaoke is my most favorite hobby that I can spend every day just for singing. It is good to let the melody express our feeling and emotion, let the song relieve our stress and sadness.

No matter how long we live far away from our hometown, we attempt to preserve our traditional activities well that represents for Vietnamese’s spirit in America. There is no doubt that the more our family spends time together, the more our relationship is tightened. One of the core activities that most of the Vietnamese people who live in America love is to sing Karaoke. In East Eats West, Lam – the author also points out this traditional activity states that “everyone was asked to pick and sing a song on the Karaoke machine” so people can express their feeling while they are singing.

However, it is hard to find a Karaoke store in America since this activity is not popular that makes me feel sad and bored. Last week, I receive a gift from my friend is the Singing Karaoke Machine that makes my day brighter. Oh my god! I am so happy…The machine I get named Singing Machine SDL485W Remix Hi-Def Digital Karaoke System.

What makes me surprised is the sound quality is so good coming out of the box that is out of my expectation, and the mic works well. This machine is convenient since it allows you to use the Bluetooth to pair your devices (iPad, iPhone Bluetooth) as your video screen; therefore, you can sing a thousand free Karaoke songs on Youtube or any music website. Additionally, this machine has a function where you can record yourself singing and enjoy your voice. Because the quality of the music and vocals are good, It seems to get a mini Karaoke system at home. Additionally, It is small you probably can take it with you anywhere for your outdoor activities, camping, company party and so on conveniently. 


If you love singing Karaoke as I did or want to look for some relaxed activities with your friends and family, I recommend you to buy this Singing Machine SDL485W. You can buy this machine on Amazon so you could get the fastest shipping and excellent return policy. The price will likely change over time, so click this link to check the current price of on Amazon.

Let’s gather friends and family around for a fun night singing all your favorite songs paired with a disco light show to back you up!!

Based on my experience, I would like to share with you the list of steps to guide you how to use Singing Machine SDL485W Remix Hi-Def Digital Karaoke System. When you buy the machine, It includes main unit, Singing Machine Flash Drive, Wired Microphone, cradle, AC Adapter and guidebook.

Step 1: Press “ On/Off” button to turn on the machine

Step 2: plug in the microphone into to the left of the machine (see the image)

Step 3: You need to connect your machine to your devices such as pad and iPhone so that you can use the devices’ screen as the video screen. Firstly, you need to turn on Bluetooth on the Singing Karaoke machine, then just need to press on “Function button” (see the image). Next, you have just turned on the Bluetooth on your devices; therefore, these devices can be paired with the Singing Machine

Step 4: You have two ways to get the Karaoke song videos

  • Method 1: you can search any Karaoke song videos on Youtube. All songs offer for free with good quality. You get a variety of melody versions of your choice. For example, I search “ Someone Like You Adele karaoke”, a lot of karaoke song for me to select. I prefer this method since it is easy to use and search 🙂
  • Method 2: You can purchase the songs from Singing machine stores, you follow the instruction from the guidebook to install Singing Machine Software, registering an account, and then and then loading it via the Singing Machine flash drive has an 8GB capacity. You can download the 10 free videos. I do not recommend you use this method since it takes time to install and set up. Why we need to purchase the songs since all Karaoke songs offer for free on Youtube or Music website:)

Step 5: If you want to use the big screen as TV, Singing Machine devices have an HDMI port to connect

Step 6: In order to record your singing, you press “ Record” button and the record icon at the top right corner of the monitor will display red. When done recording, press the “Record” button again. You can store your recorded audio either on SD card or USB drive

In order to be familiar with Karaoke term, I would like to list down some key terms of your reference.

Audio Out: output jack on a system which allows for the audio to be played through another system (as in for running the sound through a house p.a. or speakers)

Echo: echo adds depth and resonance to a singer’s voice. This echo is produced by creating minor controlled feedback in the singer’s voice. The echo function does not affect the music.

Headphone Output: microphone jack that allows the music to be heard through headphones.

Inputs: input jacks which allow for connecting other components or systems to the main system.

Vocal Reducer / Vocal Masking: 

decreases the volume of the recorded vocals on the compact disc so you can sing songs not yet released on karaoke recordings: the amount of reduction varies with the original recording

Vocal Replacer: feature of a karaoke mixer which, when used with multiplex recordings, mutes the recorded vocals while you sing; when you stop, the recorded vocals will pick up where you left off (great for practicing)

Tone Control: bass/treble sound control.

Pitch/Speed Control: 

 raises or lowers the song key/pitch to help you sing a note which is too high or too low for your vocal range. A pitch controller changes the key by slowing down or speeding up the recording. A Digital key changer changes the key without affecting the speed/tempo of the music.

Video Out

Output: jack on a system which allows for the video to be shown on a TV/monitor.



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