Welcome to my blog


“Live every moment – Laugh every day – Love beyond worlds”

My name is Amy Nguyen and I am from San Jose, CA. Actually, my Vietnamese name is My Nguyen; however, it is hard to pronounce my name in America. Most of my friend called me as “M-A-I” that correct pronunciation should be “M-E”. Therefore, I need to change my name to Amy so it helps people calling my name easier:)

I love traveling, reading and eating; therefore, I explore many places around the world to get experiences about culture, food, landscape and people.

I feel very happy to share these experiences with you that is why I build this blog “Life Between Us”. I hope you will find this blog useful for you to explore our beautiful world.

I hope you guys will enjoy reading my blog. Please leave a comment that helps me improving my posts also encourages me to build the blog more colorful:).

You can also contact me via email: lifebetweenus18@gmail.com